Sunday, May 30, 2010

End of The Year Festivities.....

Here's Mom and Ellie......trying to entertain ourselves as we sit through the awards assemblies!

taylor received Principals Outstanding Citizenship....She has received this award every year since 1st grade! Good Job Taylor!

travis receiving his honor roll award! great Job Buddy!

taylor receiving her honor roll award also!

Ready for 6th grade Graduation! He asked me if it was scary that I was getting so old and I told him heck's more scary the thought of you going to junior high! SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Accepting his certificate from his teacher Mrs. Duke!

Travis' great friends Dylan and Elijah!

These are such great kids! Heidi, Dylan, Kaden and Travis

My kids invited some of their friends from school over on the last day for a end of the year swim party.....They had a great time! Here's taylor with Amberlee and Andrea

the Boys all did stunts off the diving board!


Even Megan had to compete with the boys!

And of course....Little Miss Anney!


taylor and her friends....these girls have all been friends since kindergarten and are such good girls and they all good along so well together!

Megan doing a little hula and Brooklen thinking she is CRAZY!

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