Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ferrin Family Christmas Party

hannah, emmee, taylor, ellie, becca and sara waiting for the party to start!

anney and grandpa ferrin...anney loves her grandparents

chloe and anney singing.....anney wanted to sing all night and tried to get anyone to sing with her..

ashlee and kaybree singing "Where are you Christmas?"

anney and grandma ferrin

megan played jolly old st. nicholas

chase was hilarious.....he sang jingle bells and popcorn popping

hannah and taylor played up on the housetop while the other girls sang along

anney performing ANOTHER one of her songs

We always do a white elephant gift's my kids favorite part of the whole is megan with her chocolates...

anney opened this and yelled out...."oh yay, i've always wanted this!" Needless to say nobody had the nerve to take it from her!"

oh my......randy thought he'd be extra funny and wrap up a framed photo of himself along with TONS of candy....of course everyone died laughing and the candy was a total hit.....we secretly left the photo hanging on randy's mom's living room wall....i'm sure she LOVED it!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ward Christmas Party!

Save Me Daddy!

This is the funniest thing ever! They had about 8 young men lay across a table singing Jingle Bells. Travis is the one with the pink shirt (he's supposed to be a girl). The funniest thing is my friend who put this all together kept telling me how travis was hilarious and totally got into this. She also said he has the perfect mouth and lips for this! Look closely at some of these pictures...hilarious!

This was the bishopric skit (that the other counselor and bishop weren't there for) So we have the Olsons (who is the executive secretary) and Bishop Wilkins who was a former Bishop. They were great sports. Us wives were blindfolded and we had to feed our husbands cheesecake. Who ever finished the cheesecake first won! The Olsons won, they were awesome! Randy kept saying it's not easy to eat cheesecake fast with it shoved in your mouth. This was also after they all ate dessert! YUCK!

Meg and Anney's Dance

Last week was parents day at dance.....Anney is in a combo class of tumbling and ballet and Megan is in a tumbling class. Both of them love it. I snapped a couple of pictures "showing off"
Here is Anney stretching out...

Wouldn't we all love to be this flexible?

She can do this bridge so quick...Of course if we were all as little and skinny as she is we would be able to do it also...She's amazing!

Here is her wonderful teacher Miss Wendy helping her


This was their "free dance" time.....She was a crack up showing off for everyone. When the class was over Miss Wendy asked me if Anney ever stops smiling...She truly is so happy and loves dance and everyone in her class.

Here Is Megan stretching out....She is the youngest in her class.

Forward Rolls...

check this out.....No way could I EVER do that! Taylor takes a tap class also but I was teaching piano on her day so that is why there are no pictures......

Holy Cow She's ONE!!!!!!!!!!

can you believe it's been a year........Holy cow time goes by fast! Boy do we love this little girl and her fun personality....these are a few things she loves or can do...
*Walks and Runs everywhere (she started walking at 10 months)
*Waves Bye bye
*Loves to eat everything
*Loves to play outside
*She loves to carry things on her shoulder like a purse
*loves to laugh
*loves her brother and sister
*Says the word prayers and folds her arms
*loves to go bye-bye
*loves her bottle and blankie when she goes to sleep (she's going to be sad when I take the bottle away in the next couple of weeks)

Grandma and grandpa weight gave her this toy..she loves to carry the little house around.

Great grandma Leavitt brought her this stuffed dr. Seuss animal

Cute little snail from cousins Olivia and Gracie

We got to celebrate Gracies Second birthday the same night...These two little girls will be great friends...

My mom laughed when she looked at Ellie in her high chair cause most babies make a huge mess of their 1st birthday cake and ice cream and are so excited to dive into it cause they've never had such good stuff, but not my kids....unfortunately they've been eating this stuff since they were around 6 months! I know, not the best mommy!

After the party everyone stayed and played Just dance...Katie, Chandler and McKay having fun....

Olivia, Anney and Gracie dancing and singing

Katie, Chandler, Tyson and McKay

Ellie and great grandpa Leavitt.....What an incredible man!

Even travis got into dancing....
Happy Birthday Ellie!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9 months!

I can't believe she is 9 months already! Where does the time go? She is such a sweet fun baby that is loved to pieces in our home! I love this stage and I want her to stay little FOREVER!
I took her to the doctor today so here are a few fun things......
* height......28 inches
*head circumference......17 1/4
*Weight.......18lbs. 14oz
*wears 12-18 month clothing
*she has 5 teeth
*crawls everywhere!
*pulls herself up and walks along the furniture
*says mama and dada....(she just babbles it..she's not actually referring to us!)
*has the brightest blue eyes
*has a huge smile
*HATES headbands in her hair
*loves to be outside
*loves her blanket on her face when she sleeps
*favorite toy has to be the dishwasher.....she loves to climb inside and then unload it all over the floor!
*drinks 4-6 bottles a day
*HATES babyfood....
*loves to eat everything that we eat! she loves otter pops and ice cream! (i know we are bad parents) if randy opens the freezer and gets out the carton of ice cream she's right there begging for some!
*still doesn't sleep through the night
*has NO SCHEDULE at all....naps when she wants and goes to bed at night when she wants!
*is loved by everyone!
We love you ellie and are so grateful you are in our family! Thank you so much for all the love and happiness you bring into our home and lives!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Total CUTENESS!!!!

Let me start by saying that I have the most talented amazing aunt EVER! My Aunt LeAnn makes a quilt for all of her great nieces and nephews.......She has made my kids the cutest quilts ever....but when she came knocking at my door today I about died! Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? The front is just amazing and the back is so darling also! Our sweet Ellie is named after LeAnn and I just love how her name is on the quilt! I LOVE all the colors and I'm dying to redo Ellie's room now in all these colors....I want to frame the quilt and never let Ellie use it...but I had to promise LeAnn I would let her play on it, and cuddle it! Oh it's just so cute!
Thanks so much Aunt LeAnn....what a fun surprise...Oh and wait till I show you the outfit she gave Ellie...the cutest thing ever!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

carlsbad 2010

Every summer we go to carlsbad california and play on the beach! My kids love this place and it quickly has become their favorite vactaion spot over the years. All of my family goes so it's quite a group....I took this photo of Ellie and Randy just outside of our trailer. Some years we have camped and some years we've brought the toy hauler...with a baby it's a must to bring the trailer!

Daddy Loves his baby!

These are the stairs we climb down quite a few times to get to the water..Our campsite overlooks the ocean...HEAVEN!

Anney with her new best friend "NITOLE!" She keeps asking about her all the time. Nicole is my cousins wife and Anney just fell in love with her.

Aunt LeAnn....Everyone's favorite and the life of the party!

Ellie loved the water and the sand....

Some of the gang...

Whitney and Megan

My dad.....he plans this whole trip every year and makes sure it happens....He loves it!

Trav-Man.....He is growing up!


Travis with his favorite cousin Walker!

Tay-tay....She'd live in the ocean if I let her....She loves the water!