Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cousin Colby's Missionary Homecoming!

My Cousin Colby returned home from the Canada Winnipeg mission the end of November. We took the kids over to Southern California the day after Thanksgiving to be with him and hear him speak in church. He was such a wonderful missionary that has a very strong testimony of the gospel and the people he served and taught. We love you Colby and thanks so much for being such a great example to my kids...they truly love you! We got some really fun and cute pictures of the kids and family while we were there!

Meg and Anney in their holiday dresses!

Cute Family!

Colby and his brother cameron!

Cameron, randy and Anney

We are all sitting in their living room updating Colby on what we have been doing the last two years.

Aunt LeAnn and Aunt Diane....two of the most incredible women you will ever meet!

Uncle grandpa's brother....he is HILARIOUS!

Some of the gang eating Brunch

Daddy and his girls

Anney wasn't so sure about Aunt LeAnn's new cat, but as the day went on she loved her!

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