Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dillards huge extra 40% off sale!

hey's my favorite sale of the year! The dillards take an additional 40% off everything that is already on sale. I picked up some deals today! I went to the Dillards at Chandler Mall and got all of this for 90 bucks! 2 Billabong swimsuits for Travis, 2 shirts for Travis, 2 pair of Roxy flip flops for taylor and megan. 2 hurley shirts for taylor, 1 shirt for megan and 2 shirts for Anney. And.......I actually bought myself another Kathy Purse. These are my favorite purses and this one was normally 110 and I got it for 17.93! Awesome! I think the sale goes through the weekend......So if you are in the market for some clothes, they have some great things, Especially if you have a boy size 8-20...I could of bought travis 20 shirts and 20 swimsuits if I wanted! crazy! Just a tip......the best deals are the items that are already marked 70% off and then you take an additional 40% off that! The sale has already been going for a couple of days, so it might be picked over!
ETA: I went to the superstition springs dillards and they NOTHING for any of kids except ANNEY...if you need baby clothes, they have TONS!



WOW!! Love agood sale:)

linznkidz said...

holy cow woman!!! you did incredible!!! such a good deal - reading this post made me want to go shopping!!! its probably over by now but i will definitely have to hit it the next time!!