Monday, December 14, 2009

Ferrin Family Christmas Party

Every Year Randy's extended side of the family has a Christmas party. This party is at his Aunt and Uncle's home...(the Phelps). Everyone loves it and looks forward to it every year. We have goodies, a talent show, and everyone just hangs out and plays and visits.

Megan and Anney love the swing and even love it more when Randy pushes them.

This little train was a huge hit....Kyle pulled the kids around the backyard the whole time. Anney LOVED it!

One of Randy's cousins husband ties balloons....The kids LOVED him. Taylor is sporting her new hat!

Aunt carolei giving everyone directions and announcing the program...

A butterfly!

A balloon inside of a balloon....

Anney amazed.....

Ashlee's sweet sixteenth birthday was this day...Of course we had to embarrass her by singing to her......She was not happy with us!

Megan with another hat creation!

Chloe and of friends!

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